Accreditation of Schools Testifies Quality of Education: Vinod Kakumaku, Founder School Serve

This piece is researched and authored by Shri Vinod Kakumaku, renowned educationist in India. The article here was originally published in School Serve (www.scholserve,in). The contents, views, intellectual property of this piece belongs to the writer. We are reposting here for the benefits of readers on the Net. We do not own or claim to own any of the content in this article (follow the link given).

Vinod Kakumaku Founder and Consultant – School Serve – is a seasoned educationist. He has assisted several dozens of school establishments and currently heads a team of School services professionals and is an indepent commentator on India school education systems and scneario. His 2018 piece on Accreditation of Schools testifies Quality of educaiton is a great succint summary observation on the school education scneario.

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