AI is Making Deep in-roads into Education Sector

AI is Making Deep in-roads into Education Sector

While on the face of it, it may not be very obvious, Aritifical Intelligence (AI) is making high impacting deep changes in Edcucation sector. As online edcucation delivery through MOOC s(massively online open courses) became a realistic business model in the earlier decade, it changed premium education delivery permanently globally. Technology enabled this possibility as world’s top universities Stanford, Boston University, Harvard and Yale, Cambridge to mention but a few, went all in and took many of their regularl courses online. As AI developed further, edcucation sector was ready to soak in the benefits.

We see AI technology impacting administration processes. Moving forward we expect common administrative tasks: Setting up queestion papers, grading assessments, grading examinations, project work and so on will become regular AI driven. Admission processes already can be fully or at least partially AI driven. We see more and more faculty time freeing up for more guidance, mentoring, research and teaching activities.

AI will positively impact Smart Content. As in the CRAM101 series in United States, we should be able to see traditional text book content getting digitized with chapter summaries, memory cards and so on. They will also track students personal progress on a subject and nudge with useful pointers. Learning process is increasingly personalized and a new dimension is emerging in teacher -student relationships. This will be even more evident over time as the teacher becomes a source of mentoring and inspiration. Someone the student goes to for ultimate help beyond AI enabled tools and curriculum.

We see a big role for AI driven Automation platforms such as DHI product, that will seamlessly bring together disparate elements in administration, academics and accreditation readiness to every day tasks across the campus.

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