Communicate or Perish: Why the world’s employers are demanding better communication from fresh MBA hires?

The incredible fact of life in 2018 is that the world was never better networked, was never more connected, never more intricately exposed to every entities presence and yet more humans are communicating less effectively than ever before. Reasons? Multiple.

Firstly, drifting levels of awareness and lack of ability to focus. Secondly, more comfort experienced in solitude or with screens than with people. Thirdly, more passive consumption of internet content and far less creation of original content of any kind.

Please review this wonderful piece by Ms. Nunzio Quacquarelli, founder and CEO of QS. Since 1990, Nunzio is at the forefront of world’s higher education sector, observing trends and influencing the overall sectoral growth, improving outcomes, with in-depth research and consulting. The article below is authored by Ms Nunzio and the full link to the story is given below.

“Communication is the corner stone of civilization, separating humans from other species. Without the ability to express, people cannot convey back their basic needs or deepest desires. Dreams can never be uttered and therefore can never be reality.”

Certainly no one can lead a squad into victory:

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