Parents of Class 12 Students Expect Weekly Updates on Wards’ Progress. Are you Ready?

If you are Owner, Principal or Management team member of PUC / Class 11-12 Institute, this message is for you.

You know how anxious parents of students in class 11 and 12 are. They are more concerned about their wards’ progress than the students themselves. The parents expect you to conduct weekly tests and are waiting for marks sheets and weekly updates. They want to see regular progress and to be kept informed.

Question is: Are you Prepared? Do you have the digital platform in place to manage to conduct regular tests as committed, evaluate and process marks immediately? Can you summarize students’ performance on surprise tests, regular tests, improvement tests and weekly tests of various formats in the shortest time possible? And can you notify the parents of a summary of wards’ performance by SMS, WhatsApp or EMail regularly?

Not to Worry. Get Dhi your trusted digital automation platform for all kinds of campuses.

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